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What is Professional Coaching like?

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Sometimes a client in considering professional business coaching, but they don’t know what coaching session would be like. This is a short tutorial that we created to summarize some of the things we do with our clients.

What is a Coaching Session Like?

TBS Coaches work with our clients to focus on personal growth and development or organizational change. During coaching, the client and the coach assess needs and identify the right style to best use. The coach offers guidelines, assigns exercises and methods, and through inquiry works alongside the client to create change or overcome obstacles. Coaching conversations set up an opportunity to identify goals and create an action.

The TBS Coach assigns field work, self-study or experiments (assignments) to engage the participant, and to encourage them to connect growth areas and personal development that support an organizations performance objectives. These are commitments the client makes to the coach, and the coach holds the client accountable for producing results and the results are reviewed and discussed at the following session. Clients are introduced to Action Planning and are assigned projects between coaching sessions after identifying Goals to assist participants to better achieve the organizational mission.

Coaching focuses on creating Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive (SMART) Goals. The TBS coach works alongside the participant using coaching
methods that assist participants in moving forward to create specific actions that support self-development. The client is expected to document their individual Goal and to create
Specific Actions to actualize that goal, and to share such with and articulate them to their Supervisors, and to possibly be incorporated in either an annual appraisal or leader
development plans.

TBS professional coaching focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing personal change. The TBS coach cues conversation that helps the client improve listening
skills to respond appropriately, better understand and appreciate other people’s reality, and to be perceived as a person of integrity, as well as someone who is great to work with.

How can TBS Help?

It’s simple, call or write us for a no hassle discussion about our programs.

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