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We know why you want a Business Coach

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Growing a business is one of the many tasks required of a start-up or entrepreneur, but there may also come a “tipping point” in your businesses where you have to make big decisions. In his book of the same name, author Malcolm Gladwell describes a tipping point as “that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” Are you ready for that moment, or maybe you are there now, and you need a business coach to help you see things more clearly?

At TBS Coaching our professionally certified coaches do more than just talk about leadership in business, but are business people themselves. Our coaching practice leader Dan Elder is a portfolio entrepreneur himself and as managing partner for two brands and a research center is responsible for 100% of profit or loss. Accountable for managing project strategy, schedule, quality, and on-time delivery on budget and within scope he manages 24-employees, associates and interns who help him curate a portfolio of multiple client projects. These include administration, business services, research, training and leader development, coaching, and workforce development. Like you, he has to conduct marketing activities, manage processes and lead people, develop and manage multi-year strategic marketing plans and achieve established benchmarks.

In a recent BusinessWoman Media article author, Amanda Rose states that “99% of the ‘business coaches’ I have met don’t have a successful career or business under their belt – which I personally believe is a basic requirement if you are going to take someone else’s money to help grow theirs.” You can rest assured that at TBS Coaching we pair our clients with the right type of executive coach that best fits their individual need, and help you and your business when you reach a tipping point. If you are reaching out to help gain clarity on your path forward let us help you navigate the way ahead, set measurable goals, and create action plans that make sense to you. Give us a call not and make an appointment for a free consultation, or email us

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